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A Woman Is Right

Catina Harris is the women's pastor of Capital Christian Center in Sacramento, CA.  She is called by God to teach His word compellingly and uniquely.

A Woman Is Right is rooted in the Bible scriptures Numbers 27:1-8.  Five incredible women huddled up, stood up, spoke up, and showed up to question the existing intestate law in the land of Israel that denied women the right to inherit property from their father's estate.  The 5 sisters recognized that the law was unjust, inequitable, and discriminated against women.  They met with Moses and the princes of Israel to make their case that they should inherit their father's estate because he had no sons.  

Moses takes their case before the Lord, and the Lord said, "the women speak right." These women become the forerunners of women's rights in the Old Testament and demonstrate to future generations that a woman's voice is pivotal to bring about positive change when she uses it correctly.  After reading and understanding this story, it changed the way I understood my role as a woman and the responsibility I had to stand up, show up, team up, and look up to God to ensure women's equality in the earth. 


A Woman Is Right Resources

With an engaging writing and speaking style, Catina Harris has compiled a wealth of unrivaled teaching materials that clearly, correctly, and consistently showcase God's approval of women who intelligently disobey, speak up, and speak out against women's inequality and inequity.

God's Tenacious & Audacious Women

This is an unrivaled teaching resource that showcases the lives of 5 incredible women who broke the rules, didn't do what they were suppose to do, and refused to lose, and we see God do major miracles in these women's lives.

Image by Brett Jordan

God Desire for Diverse Women to Cooperate & Collaborate

This is an unrivaled teaching resource for women that showcases God's desire for women from diverse backgrounds to cooperate and collaborate to shelter the homeless, feed the hungry, and comfort the lonely.  This teaching will challenge you as a woman to go farther, last longer, and be stronger.


Eve - The Importance of a Woman's Voice

Women's voices throughout history have saved lives, stopped death, and changed minds. Their voices are purposeful, powerful, persuasive, and pivotal to create change for the good or bad.  This teaching reveals that your voice as a woman can bring positive change.

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A Woman Is Right Podcast

Check out a Woman Is Right Podcast and learn how it doesn't matter how you start but how you finish.

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